Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creative Organization

I like to think of myself as a creative person. I love to scrapbook (although it has been a couple of months since I worked on a page).

I love to make pillows (the no sew version. I am not a seamstress, although it is on my to-do list to learn).

I love to decorate canvases into a unique piece of art (as seen here). 

In fact, I have so many different ideas of things to do, that it gets overwhelming and it's just easier if I don't do anything (although since starting this blog, I have accomplished way more projects than I ever have). Not good. Gavin's baby book has been started, but nothing has been done in it since July. And he was born in May. 

So, because it's January and because I'm me, I thought I'd get organized, make lists, and get projects thought out for the year. 

 When I saw this picture,

I knew that it would be perfect for my creative lists and keeping my projects that I want to do under control. 

 I grabbed a can of white spray paint (a staple for any household) and a picture frame that I had. While it was drying, I laid a piece of fabric over one piece of glass instead of using scrapbooking paper, which was used in the above picture. 
  I cut out strips of paper and glued them onto the fabric. Once the frame was dry, I laid the glass in the frame, popped the back onto it, and there I had a wipe off board, perfect for my lists! 

This is my work-in-progress craft area. Someday I'll show you pictures of the rest of the room. 

But for now, I'll keep to my list and continue to be inspired.


  1. Wow - that turned out fantastic, Heidi! I'm impressed that you had that frame just lying around - perfect! Also, I'm jealous of your crafting space.

    Thanks for linking up - hope you'll join again :)


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