About us

We are two sisters whose lives are full with raising our beautiful children, building our marriages, decorating and updating our homes, working part-time jobs...
volunteering at our church, watching our husbands play hockey, getting together with our large (and growing) family...


...spending time with our friends, blogging, crafting, trying new recipes, and of course, being inspired on Pinterest!

  We love to 'DIY', and have taken on many challenges to decorate and update our homes thanks to many great ideas from Pinterest.

  We are so excited that you have decided to join us on this journey as we put all our hard work 'pinning' to actual use!  

* Please note: Pinterest has no idea that we're doing this. We aren't getting paid or anything like that. We just love crafting, decorating, and trying out new recipes, and Pinterest provides us with a lot of great ideas! 

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