Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not Just a Pretty Picture

A little while ago, you had a peek at our moulding that we've been working on in our entrance and staircase walls (you can read that post here). 

 Today I'm going to highlight the gallery of pictures that travel up the staircase walls. 

 There are many tutorials and ideas on Pinterest on how to make a gallery wall. Mine wasn't created in a fancy way. In fact, it may make some people cringe on how I hung up my frames. 

  I didn't use the toothpaste trick (which I've heard really works)...

...or the paper template tip (I'm too impatient). 

  My trick was eye-balling the frame on the wall, feeling the back of the frame to see where the hook was, moving my finger to the wall where the nail should go, taking the nail and hammering it onto the wall. Up went the frame. Sometimes it was bang on (get it? Bang on?) and other times I had to take out the nail and try again. But it would be okay, because the extra hole would be hidden by the frame. :) 

 But all's well that ends well, because I love the result. 

Every time I walk up the stairs, I stop and look at the pictures and it makes me smile. 

Some of the pictures are from our wedding day, others from when we were dating, stamped feet of my little boy (you can see above), trinkets from memorable days or places, a little bit of map art, family pictures, and of course, pictures of our handsome little boy. 
   If you decide to make a gallery wall, remember, this is for you! Hang up things that you love. Small mirrors and initials are great to add to your gallery wall. I framed a CD that that my husband and his brothers recorded. The CD is meaningful, so instead of it hiding on a shelf, we can look at it every day.

  I decided to keep all the frames black, to give a cohesive look, even though the frames are all different. Some were spray painted and others were purchased black. 

Keep your eyes open for frames at your local thrift stores, dollar stores, Winners or HomeSense. If it doesn't match your colour scheme, break out the spray paint!

  What special things or pictures do you like framing on the wall? 
Anybody else hang pictures like me? :)

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