Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Table Fit For a Farmhouse

I do not own a farmhouse. Or a farm. I do, however own a new table. It is beautiful, and hand-made by my husband. This was the inspiration pin:

After showing my husband the picture of the dining table here, he leaned over to me and said 

"Faith, I'm afraid I've been thinking"
Me: "A dangerous pastime"
Jason: "I know". 

Thankfully my husband loves challenging projects, like building furniture, and he usually comes up with unique ways to finish the pieces he tackles. It took him a little while to build it, but by the time it was done I had fallen in love... with the table. 

I think the table adds so much character to our home, and because our layout is open concept I get to enjoy it from all angles. Jason is hoping to add a long bench to one side of the table, and on the other we will have dining chairs. 

Since our table is not identical in structure to the table I had pinned, it helps make it feel more "one of a kind". This table will be the hub of many family dinners, craft nights, and conversations. I am very excited for the Christmas season ahead and the entertaining we will be able to do now that we have a table that is big enough to seat more than four guests! 

It's amazing that Pinterest can even inspire men to be crafty...

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