Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

When we moved into our house last July, I was thrilled with the arched entrance into the living room, original hardwood floors, thick baseboard moulding, the beautiful stairs, and the sloped ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms. 
I was not, however, thrilled with the paint choices the previous owners had made in the entrance way and up the stairs.

(Faith's sweater looks like it was made for this house)
I knew that paint colour had to go. Don't get me wrong. I love the colour blue. But not necessarily that bold colour on my walls...and ceilings. (Yes. They had painted the sloped ceilings up the stairs as well.) 
After many hours of priming and painting, a nice light grey replaced the brilliant blue.

Fast forward months later and I was sitting on the couch, looking at the stairs, and suddenly thought how beautiful the stairs and entrance would look with moulding going up the walls.

After much deliberation and showing my husband this picture,

He agreed it would add a lot to the house, and off he went to Home Depot to get some supplies and started the great moulding journey.

(He had a cute little helper along the way.) 

I can't give you a detailed description on how he did it. I don't know what specific supplies he used, or how he measured the boxes. (I was just happy to see it take shape from plain walls to beautiful moulding!) You can check out Kate's blog to see how she did it. 

It's still not all the way completed. Sometimes life has a way of taking over so that projects get done in little bits and pieces. Here's a preview though:

 (Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I've been using my iPhone until we can get a better camera!) 

I love how much character it adds to the staircase! It looks like it has been there forever. 
So, we're almost done. The upstairs hallway is the area that still needs finishing. It's hard to do so though when you have a little guy who takes naps right at the perfect time to get some work done. 

I'm also looking into make the entrance way look a little more welcoming than just a coat stand...and also getting new tile. It helps that I know a really cute tile guy. :) (It's my husband! Don't you worry!)

I'll leave you with some ideas for the front entrance that have been floating around my Pinterest board.

 (You can find them here, here, here, and here
Raise your hand if you love moulding. (Not to be confused with mold...that I do not love.)


  1. oooohhh....trying not to covet! I love it. And your gallery wall is gorgeous too.

  2. Your hubby is a handy guy to have around! And a great son-in-law to boot!

  3. I love it! Your posts make me smile - and inspire me to get going on my backlog of ideas! Your stairway looks amazing and you had just the creative foresight to get it there! And excellent work to the guys in your house - they obviously make a good team!

  4. I love your stairway!!! And it's something that would add a lot of character to our home too...thanks for the idea (and the before-and-afters). I find I'm pinning away on your site -- you and I have a lot of the same taste in decor, I guess.

  5. @KRob

    :) They are a great working team!

  6. @Kelly@imperfect homemaking

    Thanks Kelly! I love walking up the stairs and pausing to look at all the pictures!

  7. @jennibell

    Thank you! :) It really does add a lot to our home. We are really enjoying the outcome!


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