Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Words To Live By...

Sometimes I find that the best part about browsing on Pinterest are the cute quotes, "Keep Calm" phrases, or the funny pictures that make me smile. However, there is one phrase I came across that is truly inspirational, that should and can be taken to heart.

I think it could be true, if your world was full of old lamps that needed a facelift, or vases that are a putrid shade of olive green. I have come across such pieces, and always find that the simple process of spray painting the treasures I find result in a beautiful ending.

You can spray paint virtually anything given enough time. I have seen "pins" for spray painting stars with cardboard stencils onto your front lawn, lamps, door knobs, designs onto pumpkins for Halloween, and even spray painting furniture. Since there are a variety of colours in those precious cans it is easy to find the shade you are looking for. My favourite use of spray paint is to use it on picture frames. I am always on the lookout for a quality frame at yard sales or thrift stores that could use a good coat of paint. At one particular yard sale awhile back I found two matching frames.

They were in fairly good condition, and all they needed was a little TLC. So out came the spray paint (thankfully we have a large stash in our basement) and I started to paint. It didn't take too long to apply two thin coats to the frame, and since the weather these past couple of days has been on the warmer side, I was able to work outside on the deck and the frames could dry in the sunshine and fresh air.

I had some art from my mother in law that she gave us, so into the frames they went. I think the pieces look great in there, and now hang in our house.

See how easy it is to take something that once was on the rougher side of life and make it like new? I hope you feel inspired to create your own spray painted masterpieces now!

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  1. awesome! I LOVE spray paint. I basically walk through the thrift store and picture everything I see either teal or white, because anything I bring home is gonna end up teal or white! lol.


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