Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting Cozy: Thanksgiving Table Setting {Inspiration}

Since we're talking about 'getting cozy', what better way to get cozy, then with a loud family dinner...sitting elbow to elbow with family members. With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, this is how many of us will be spending the next few days.

Thanksgiving has a lot of good memories for me. When I was younger, I loved decorating the table for Thanksgiving. I have heard my siblings making fun of me for piling the table with leaves and branches, but I am sure I had a theme. The wicker cornucopia was pulled out of the cupboard and I went down by the road and picked sumac branches, pretty leaves and grabbed the mini gourds that my mom had bought from the grocery store.

To this day, I love a pretty table setting. But to be honest? I never set the table fancy now, besides flowers in a vase. But I love looking at pretty table settings. I've gathered a few pictures to inspire me and you to set our tables pretty every now and then.

I love the simplicity of this table. The kraft paper "I am thankful for..." place mat is lovely. What a great memory to take pictures of everybody's list every year. 
Placing table runners the opposite direction is a great idea if you don't want to use place mats. Beans in clear cylinder jars and tall white pillar candles with a pumpkin or two, finishes this beautiful, but simple table.
How easy, but cute is this place card? Send your kids outside to gather pine cones (or you can...or you can buy them at a craft store), write everyone's name on a small tag and tie it around the pine cone.
I love the look of this rustic board running down the center of the table. Instead of using pumpkins or gourds, she used apples, dried hydrangea flowers and old silver to decorate the runner.
I didn't forget about the kids. In my family we cannot forget about the kids. There are eight under the age of three. Need I say more? At this age, most of them are in high chairs and booster seats and still need their parents to tell them to "keep eating", so they aren't at their own kid's table, but I couldn't pass by these pictures.

I apparently have a thing for kraft paper. But what can I say? It's cheap and it's perfect for the kids to draw on with crayons. I love the little fringe at the bottom of this table.
One more with kraft paper, but this one has the plates outlined with permanent marker. So cute.

Okay this has inspired me. Maybe this Thanksgiving I'll set the table nice at our family thanksgiving? I think my siblings have been missing the old cornucopia...

This is day 10 of our Getting Cozy Series.

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