Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting Cozy: My Favourite Children's Books

Reading books under a cozy blanket doesn't just apply to me in this family. I think my girls love books almost more than I do! It doesn't even matter if their favourite movie is on, they will always choose me reading to them. I encourage this as much as possible and I'm always trying to find new books that they'll love. I thought I'd share some of our favourite, and maybe you could give me some of yours!

This is probably their favourite book right now. I bought it for Sienna's first birthday and we've read it two or three times every day for the past year. They love the rhymes, the beautiful illustrations and the story about the little hare who was so excited about the party that he couldn't keep quiet.

This is one of my favourites. The girls read it so much that most of the pages are missing and now I have to buy another one. They love all of the Robert Munsch books, but this one is the best. Even now, I have the first few lines running through my head "On their very first day of school...".

This is another quick one with a fun rhyme. Sometimes my girls will even get up and dance along. All of Sandra's books are quite funny but I love this one the best.

My husband actually loves reading this one to the girls. I think it's because of all the truck references. Definitely not a girly book! Jon takes ordinary nursery rhymes and changes them to be about trucks. Love it!

We also love any Berenstain Bears books, Franklin the Turtle, or any Curious George.

What about you? 
What do your kiddos love to read?? I'm looking for some new ideas :)

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  1. Around here Arthur is very popular (even with the two year old who won't sit still).. also very popular is The Gruffalo (or anything by the same author ie. Stick Man, A Gold Star for Zog) and any Llama, Llama books. Also, anything superhero related but I don't know if your girls would be as in to that. :)

    1. My girls love anything to do with the Avengers so they'd probably be up for that. I haven't read The Gruffalo, I just might have to try it! :)


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