Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting Cozy: A Lovely Smelling Home

As I write this blog post, my home is filled with the lingering scent of Thieves essential oil, which is a combination of cloves, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon and eucalyptus. My two little boys are right in the midst of an autumn cold and this essential oil does wonders! Not only that, it makes our home smell cozy.
It got me thinking to how we all love to make our homes smell lovely. Whether that is baking yummy treats, lighting a candle, opening the windows to get the fresh air flowing, or diffusing essential oil, the cooler months bring some delicious, cozy smells.

When the middle of September hits, out comes the spice and pumpkin smelling candles in our home. Then come the middle of November and December, I am lighting the cinnamon candles. I don't have a favourite brand of candle that I buy, although if I had a million dollars, I would be buying all the WoodWick candles that I could. They not only smell great, but the wick is made out of wood (bet you couldn't have guessed that), so it sounds like a you have a crackling fire in your living room.
I also like to make a mixture of smelly goodness and put it in a pot on our stove. Usually I put together orange rinds, cinnamon sticks and cranberries, add water and let it simmer for the day, adding more water when necessary. This is very similar to this recipe that I found here.
Lastly, there is nothing like baking a dessert or homemade bread to make your home feel cozy. Last night I had soup in the crockpot and decided that homemade bread would go perfectly, especially since it was a cool day. I made two loaves using this easy and quick recipe and it made our home smell amazing. 

Embrace the cool season and make your home smell cozy!

This is day 24 (and 23! Surprise!) of our Getting Cozy Series.
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