Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Cozy: The Front Entrance

Okay. I know. How can the front of a house be cozy? Hear me out though. Have you ever gone for a walk or for a drive and past a house that just looks cozy? This happens mostly for me in the fall and around Christmas. Seeing a house with pumpkins, mums and a wreath or all decked out in garland and Christmas lights makes me feel warm inside.

Now, my house is nothing spectacular. Inside or out. We love our home because it is ours and because of those who live inside. The outside of our house needs some TLC (aka the front door is still not finished...) and we have a nice list of things to do, but that's what I'm not focusing on right now. Though our house isn't perfect, I still love to make it cozy from the outside in.

One afternoon, I took these supplies,
and turned them into this:
 I also added some mums, a crate and a few pumpkins...and a little cutie in blue.
Something simple and free, but it turned a plain front entrance into something a little cozy. See what I mean now? 

This is day 22 of our Getting Cozy series. 
To catch up on the rest of the days, click the button above! 

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