Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Cozy: 10 Things for You to Do on a Fall Day

I truly love fall, but those days where it's cold and it's not raining, but not really sunny either tend to get to me. I find myself just groaning and wanting to go back to bed.

I'm assuming there are other people like me out there so I put together a list of some different things that you can do to beat the fall blahs.
1) Go outside. Yes, it might be cold but that's what rain boots and jackets (and don't forget your cute cowl!) are for. Bundle up the kids and go exploring your neighbourhood.

2) Take pictures of your cuties playing outside. I love to be outside with my kids but since they're too young to play outside by themselves, I can get a little antsy. Taking pictures of them playing allows me to capture those memories while feeling like I'm being creative.

3) Make yourself a warm drink (hot apple cider anyone?) and cuddle under a blanket. It's ok to take a day to read some books.

4) Make cookies with your kids. I usually hate making a mess but sometimes it can just pull you out of your slump. Have you tried this amazing recipe??
via It's Our Pinteresting Life
5) Get dressed and do your hair properly. I find a lot of times that helps how I feel right away. Track pants are great for being comfy, but sometimes you need that little push to accomplish things.

6) Scrapbook. Heidi is much better for doing this than I am (I haven't scrapbooked in two years!) but this little mini album that she made is so adorable, I might be tempted to pull out my supplies and get started.
7) Invite some friends over. Get-together don't always have to be carefully thought out and planned for weeks in advance. Sometimes the best times are spontaneous. Our friend Kelly is talking all about hospitality on her blog this month. Check it out!

8) Start planning your Christmas presents. I love to make my own presents but unfortunately, I usually start at the beginning of December and then I run out of time. This year I'm determined to plan it out so that doesn't happen. Maybe I should start today?

9) Let your kids help you carve pumpkins. My husband and I did this the other morning with our kids and they loved it. You don't need a perfectly sunny day for this activity, and you can even do it inside if it's raining. We now have a few carved pumpkins sitting by my front door and although they aren't perfect and don't really fit the "decor", my kids love it.
10) Plan your next decorating project. It's ok to look at all those beautiful spaces on Pinterest, but what about your house? Pick an easy project that you love and make it in your house! After all, that's what this blog is about :)

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