Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting Cozy: The Colours of Fall in Your Home

I spent some time looking through my "home" boards on Pinterest recently, just looking at what I had pinned in the past and I found a few colours jumping at me in a few pictures; the colours of fall.

Yellow. Orange. Red. Blue. Brown. 
On their own, these colours are vibrant and gorgeous, but when you put them together, they are powerful. Just looking at that picture, I am just in awe again of how beautiful this season is.

My home has been evolving slowly throughout the years and so have my decorating and colour choices. With our living room walls now a perfect shade of white, I am free to add mustard yellow and different shades of blues and even a bit of red here and there. Spray paint is a wonderful thing and has allowed me to change up a few key items to display my changing colour palate.

I found a few pictures to show you how you can bring the colours of fall into your home.

These are beautiful red leaves displayed in gorgeous blue vases. This combination reminds me of looking up to the sky on a bright, clear day.
I think I could move into this next room and be completely happy. I love the map hanging on the wood wall, which is flanked by the mustard yellow chairs. There is so much warmth to this room!
Here's a room for my boys. I love this rustic room and the sheepskin rug, Hudson Bay Company blanket, and the aqua, red, black and grey combination.

Next up is this beautiful bookcase. The mustard yellow herringbone background on the bookshelf is the perfect display to the ceramic owls, vintage suitcases, and wooden crates.
Lastly is, I think, my favourite example of bringing the colours of fall into your home. The yellows, blues, reds and even a bit of green all compliment each other beautifully. Though there are gourds and pumpkins in this picture, this is a colour scheme that could follow into winter, spring and summer.
There you have it. Some ways that you can bring fall into your home all year round. What is your favourite colour scheme?

This is day 20 of our Getting Cozy series. 
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