Monday, October 7, 2013

Getting Cozy: Kids Style

I love buying clothes for my kids almost as much as I love buying things for myself. I'm all about comfortable and kid-friendly clothes. If anything is too fussy, my girls won't wear it.

So here are a few pics of kids style that I love, but don't necessarily have:

Bella actually has an outfit quite close to this that we got at Old Navy. She wears it constantly!

I love this big chunky sweater! Since it's no longer available, I might try to knit it myself. Crazy?

I love how casual and cute this is!

This is a little too fussy to be worn everyday but I just love it how frilly and girly it is. 

Another big sweater. I could totally picture my Sienna wearing this!

Hope you've liked looking at all those cute little kiddos! How do you dress your kids? Any good clothes buying tips for us? 

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