Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting Cozy: Decorating with Nature

One thing about fall is that you don't need to buy anything fake to decorate your home. Just take a walk outside or go to your favourite farmer's market and gather the beautiful decorations that are already around you. Pumpkins, bright coloured leaves, pinecones, and mums. Why go to the craft store and pick up a fake pumpkin, when the real ones are available in abundance.
I realize not everyone lives in a place where they can buy pumpkins or pick them from their garden. Or not everyone lives in an area where the leaves are turning gorgeous shades of red and yellow. But for those of us that do? Go for a walk and gather up the beautiful nature that is provided right in front of you and bring it inside.
Stick potted mums in hollowed out pumpkins. Place branches of leaves in enamel jugs or vases. Decorate your steps inside and outside with pumpkins.
Let's take advantage of the beautiful creation that is around us and make our homes cozy!

 This is day six of our 31 days series: Getting Cozy.
You can click below on each day to catch up:

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