Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting Cozy: Best of the {Healthy} Comfort Foods

This is the time of year when I start thinking about comfort foods. Thick stews with crusty bread, apple crisp, and lots of pasta casseroles. I'm making myself hungry!

Unfortunately, most comfort foods can be pretty unhealthy. Full of bad fats, preservatives and way too many calories.

The premise behind these foods are not bad, you just might have to do a little more work to make them healthy. I've put together some of my favourite meals from around the blogosphere that are actually pretty healthy!

This has some great recipes for those days when you have too much going on. Just grab one out of the freezer in the morning and you're set for the night! Most of these meals are pretty healthy. If it calls for any sauces on top, simply try to find the healthiest version that has either no sugars or very small amounts of sugar in them. If you can't pronounce one of the ingredients, it's probably not good for you.

I love a good homemade soup. My parents make the best soup ever and this reminds me of their recipe. Full of vegetables, it would be perfect on a rainy fall day.

Yummy beef stew recipe with very few ingredients. You can also customize it for your family and add tons of vegetables. Did you know that most family's fall short on the amount of vegetables that they're eating every day? Loading up on them during your supper meal is always a good idea.

This slow cooker jambalaya sounds absolutely fantastic and will probably be added to my menu for next week. I'm not a huge fan of sausages, but if you grab turkey sausage from your local butcher, that is a much healthier option than the usual pork sausages. 

What are some of your fall/winter meal staples? Any good ones that I missed?

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