Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Cozy: You've Got Mail Movie Night

One thing that is tradition in my family (with the girls anyways) is watching You've Got Mail every fall. We love to get cozy on the couch, grab a hot drink and watching one of our favourite love stories. And of course, to quote the lines. We can be quite annoying. :)

This fall, I decided to invite my sisters and some friends over to watch the movie one night, while the guys watched our kiddos.
Gavin and I had made ginger crinkles earlier in the day, which I set out on a white platter. Licorice went into a Starbucks cup and a mason jar. Homemade pumpkin spice lattes kept warm in the crock pot. Popcorn, with peanut M&M's, cranberries, and smarties went into brown paper bags and I even wrote a few favourite quotes from the movie on the bags.
A square glass jar filled with new pencils, went perfectly with this free printable that I found on Pinterest.
Daisies, which are Kathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan) favourite flower, went in a enamel jug. The "fox" flashcard was a nod to Fox Books, the big bookstore that overtakes Kathleen's small children's bookstore.
Though this is not something that I usually do, it was fun for me to set up this table with all kinds of reminders of the movie.
After we filled up our mugs with lattes and got our snacks, we settled down for the movie!
What's your favourite movie to watch in the fall? Is it You've Got Mail too? 

This is day 14 of our Getting Cozy series.
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