Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Cozy: Being Creative

One of reasons that I love the cooler weather, is that I don't feel guilty if I want to stay inside and scrapbook or do something crafty. After my boys are in bed for a nap, I can pour myself a cup of coffee, pull out my scrapbooking supplies, turn on some music quietly and get crafty.
That being said, those moments don't happen as frequently as I would love. In fact, just recently, I told Jesse that I wish that I had more time to be creative.
Now that I am getting a good start on the Project Life style of scrapbooking (aka way easier), I am finding myself renewing that love for being creative. I am getting pictures into albums and even writing down memories. Success. 
You may not be into scrapbooking. That's fine! What do you do to be creative though? 
You may look at those pictures and think that there is no way that you could do any of those crafts. Well what about baking? Revamp one of your favourite recipes. That's being creative. What about restoring furniture? That's being creative. Find something that you love to do where you can be creative and do it.

This is day 16 of our Getting Cozy series. 
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