Friday, September 27, 2013

31 Days - Time to Get Cozy!

Melody and I have mentioned that we have something exciting planned for October. Well...we hope it will be exciting! We have decided to join The Nester and thousands of other bloggers on a challenge to blog for every single day in October.
As you can maybe tell, we haven't been all crazy about blogging lately, as life seems to be flying by at a clipping rate leaving little time to fold our laundry, let alone doing any projects. Well that is about to change, because we want to get back into it! Introducing 31 days of getting cozy.
Once the leaves start turning colours and the cooler weather starts coming around, we are all about getting cozy inside our homes. For the next 31 days, starting October 1, we are going to cover topics such as making your home cozy, yummy warm recipes, outfit ideas, crafts to do inside with your kids and much more. We love fall and all that it offers and so this seemed like a perfect series for us to do!

So on October 1, slip into your warmest pair of slippers, comfiest sweater and pour yourself something warm to drink and join us as we start our 31 days of getting cozy. 

See you then!

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