Monday, September 30, 2013

I Can't Believe She's Two!

Yesterday, my sweet little girl turned two years old.

She has a sweet disposition and is loves to nurture anything and everyone. She's also fiercely independent and adventuresome and can be very passionate, which is also a nice way to say that she can have some bad temper tantrums!
I didn't do a Pinterest-inspired party since I've decided that I'm not very good at them. Instead we spent the gorgeous day out picking apples with the kiddos, and then a lunch with family.
I made a cake from scratch (yep!) and decorated it very simply. It must've been good since my other daughter got up before the rest of us this morning to lick the icing off the leftovers. Can we say sugar rush??
Tomorrow as we start our 31 day series for October. I'm so excited to get started!!

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