Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bathroom Artwork Update

I have slowly been de-cluttering my house and getting rid of anything that was not useful or beautiful. I tend to keep things "just in case" and find that I store them for years and years instead of wasting them.

The reason I'm telling you this is because when I was going through all my things, I found some artwork that I had done when I was in high school. I actually used to paint quite a bit but I haven't touched my watercolours in a few years now.

After looking at my paintings, I decided they were pretty good and needed to be used. The colours were perfect for my bathroom!

A nice picture of my blank wall.. and my toilet! TMI?

I'm terrible for just eyeballing where I want to hang pictures. Thankfully I didn't need to make too many holes in my wall before everything was just centred. I need to take all those handy tricks they have for hanging pictures and start to use them!

I bought 3 frames for a total of $11 (they were on sale! Yay!) and framed my paintings. I'm happy with how it turned out and it freshens up the look of my bathroom for cheap! Gotta love that, right?

If anyone is interested in knowing, my cabinets which I updated a year ago are still in great shape. My kids slam the doors and put their grimy hands all over them and they've held up quite well! You can see my original bathroom update here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 
I'm so excited for what Heidi and I will be up to in October!


  1. They look beautiful Melody! :)

  2. They do look beautiful.
    I hope you don't mind me saying that even if you're that tall that those are your level, I would suggest you lower them minimum a foot. Across the board, the tendency for hanging artwork is to walk up, arms extended and slap them UP on the wall. You would create a better impact and style in your bathroom with them lower. True, my opinion, but it was THE first thing I noticed in the picture.

    I applaud your success at getting them level and centered. That defies me, even with a 6' level. They're really a beautiful touch in your bathroom and your wall color compliments them!

    1. Thanks Christine! I love your idea for putting them lower, but unfortunately, I have to keep anything I put on the walls high enough so that my children can't reach them. And yes, I've caught them climbing on the toilet before. Maybe someday when they're older I'll be able to put them at the correct height. Haha!

    2. OMG [Scream] NOT KIDS! NOTHING IS SAFE!! Quick! Nail Guns, liquid cement, electrified barbed wire.. oh, stop me.

      In the meanwhile, you've created a lovely (tall) space! LOL!


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