Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mason Jar Love

Melody went down to the States last weekend and when I found out that she was going, I asked her to pick me up a box of these beauties from Target.
It is the 100 year anniversary of the 'perfect mason jar' and to celebrate, they are selling vintage style jars. They are gorgeous!

I thought I would put together some ideas how you could use mason jars, besides the obvious use of canning. If you type in 'mason jars' into the search bar in Pinterest, you will come across many different ideas, but here are a few that I really liked.

First up, drinking glasses.
Pour some water, add a few sprigs of peppermint, maybe some lemon, add a striped paper straw, and now you're drinking your water in style.

Use them as a vase for your flowers.
I think peonies and these mason jars were made for each other. How perfect are the colours!

Next up, I used some vintage jars from my great-grandmother to store dry goods on the bookshelf in our kitchen.
I love these jars. They are perfect for rice, oatmeal, popcorn, and whatever else you may want to store!

Here are a few other ideas I collected off of Pinterest.
Store your cupcake liners in mason jars so they don't get smashed like mine do. Mason Jar Crafts // Transform one of your jars into a soap dispenser that you can display on your kitchen or bathroom counter.  Love Grows Wild //  Wrap some lace around some jars and place a tea light inside for a beautiful centerpiece. Style Me Pretty // Hang a jar from a bracket in your kitchen to hold wildflowers so you can see them as you are washing your dishes. The Created Home //

There are many other ideas that you can do when you think outside the box. How do you use mason jars in your home?

Note: You can buy these jars in Canada when you go to


  1. cute!!! I love the idea of putting the cupcake wrappers in them!

  2. I love those! Planning on going to the States tomorrow and I'm definitely hoping the Target I will be at will have them!

    1. You can probably check online before. Have fun!


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