Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easiest Update Ever

Now that summer is *finally* here, I've been looking around our home, wanting to spruce things up a little bit. Maybe it has something to do with the windows being open and the sun shining through that makes me want to change a few things around our home. As much as I would like to do major changes (aka the KITCHEN), that is just not in the budget or in my 'spare' time (laugh here). Easy updates it is.

First up. Our bedroom lamps.
I also didn't make our bed to get the full picture of this space. Okay. Truthfully, I haven't made our bed for a few days now...

Anyways, back to the lamps! Mainly the lamp shades. I had bought them years ago after Melody gave us these lamp bases. I hate those lamp shades. There is nothing really wrong with them, but I do not like the shape for our space.

So last night, Jesse stayed home with the boys and I went out by myself (it was well needed). After going to the thrift store, I went to Walmart to get a few things. I found myself in the lamp aisle and decided that it was time to do some updating.
M-U-C-H better.
They are a smidgen too tall for the space, but they work for now. Maybe someday I'll get some new lamp bases...and new side tables. These bookshelves are working fine, but they aren't the prettiest thing that I have ever seen. Here's what I have in mind for beside the bed:
So that is my easiest update ever. Also, making the bed and cleaning up the laundry makes a big difference too. :)
On Friday, I'll show you how I made our headboard. Also one of the easiest updates ever (do you see a theme?).

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