Friday, June 28, 2013

Simple Headboard

I'm back with another easy project that I tackled for our bedroom. This one is all about the headboard.

If you take a few minutes and browse through Pinterest at all the DIY headboards, you will see that there are many different and usually simple ideas for making your own headboard. I don't know if this will stay as our headboard forever. Actually, I know it won't because I like to switch things up a lot, but for right now, I am loving it. 
I simply took two canvases that I had stuck behind the couch in the playroom and stapled them together with our staple gun. 

Then I wrapped a vintage bed sheet that I had found at a thrift store around the canvases and stapled the fabric to the canvas as if I was wrapping a present. 

I hung the canvases on two nails. Since it is so light, I'm not afraid of it falling on our heads and giving us concussions in the middle of the night. 

I love the vintage fabric. The little yellow and grey flowers are light and bright but not too feminine. 
So that is my second easy update. A project that was fast enough to make during the boys' nap time. 

Happy weekend! And happy Canada Day! 

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