Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday Party!

Two weeks ago, Gavin turned two. This was my sappy mommy post on Instagram the night before:
His birthday was the first really warm day in a long time. It was nice to be wearing shorts and t-shirts again! I bought a helium balloon from the dollar store the night before and had it waiting in the living room when Gavin woke up in the morning. Best $1.25 I've spent. He carried that thing around the house all day.
We had hamburgers for supper and donuts for dessert. He only ate the sprinkles.
A few days later we celebrated his birthday with my family. Even though it was suppose to rain, it actually ended up being a nice evening, so people could be outside if they wanted, which was great, because our house is small.
We chose to do things simply and had pizza, veggies and chips for supper. I covered our coffee table with kraft paper, put our basket of crayons on the table and let the kids colour on the paper as they ate their supper.
I pushed our table, which I covered with kraft paper, against the wall and had the food and drinks all laid out, waiting to be devoured. There isn't a picture of the table filled with food, because by the time I thought about it, all the food was gone and just crumbs were left.  
Since it was such a nice evening, we did the presents and cake outside.
It was a simple party, but it was fun to celebrate our little boy! 
You can read about Gavin's first birthday party here. 


  1. oh handsome boy!!! Happy Birthday!!! I bought the *exact same shirt* from Old Navy for Jameson's 2nd birthday. We're doing a similar simple get together and I may just steal your kraft paper coloring idea!

    1. Yay for matching t-shirts! Now people wish him 'happy birthday' if he wears the shirt out in public. That's the only downside. :D


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