Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery - Part 1

The countdown is officially on. Not that it wasn't before, but I can now count on two hands the weeks before this baby should make an appearance!

In the meantime, I still have a pretty long list of things to get done. Thankfully we have all the expensive essentials like a crib, change table, carseat, and all those little gadgets that you seem to need. Unfortunately, I have only bought one onesie for him. This child might be naked for a while. (Just kidding!)

My sister's helped me out the other week and transformed Sienna's current room from the dark dingy colour it was before to this beautiful colour!

Olympic "Secret Passage"
It's a nice silvery grey which will go with pretty much anything.

In case you're stuck on what colour the room was before, let me remind you... Waaaay back when we first started blogging, I said that I was going to redo this room. One year later, we're starting...

The room still needs quite a bit of work. I tried to get two panorama views of what it looks like right now.

The view from the doorway. 
The view from the back of the room.
Here's the breakdown of what still needs to happen in the next 8 weeks:

- paint the room
- organize the closet and move all of Sienna's things to her room with Bella
- get a new dresser and paint it a fun colour (thank goodness it's garage sale season!)
- find some curtains that I like
- organize the change table so it's more efficient
- add some fun decorating elements like a new rug, artwork, shelves etc.

It seems a little overwhelming right now, but hopefully I'll get a lot of help! A few trips to Target and Ikea might need to happen in the next little while, as well as hitting up the clothing sales for little boys.

Do any of you have some great ideas for what I can do with this room? Any awesome decorating or organizing tips? It might be my preggo brain, but I seem to be stuck with any inspiration! Give me your input!


  1. I like the colour! Could you create some built in shelves in that wall nook for extra storage? You could stick some wicker baskets on the shelves to keep toys/clothes/books or just decorative items.

  2. Oh! And would the crib fit under the window? Might feel more spacious if it was there?

    1. The shelves in that little nook are definitely on the list of things to do. Seth has promised he'll build me some within the next couple weeks. We'll see! As for the crib going under the window, the space is a bit small, but the dresser will be going soon and maybe I'll try pushing it closer to the window area. Any other awesome ideas?


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