Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Feather Banner {DIY}

The playroom is almost completed! Ish...

A few pillows and a rug is the only thing that I'm waiting on and the rug might be a while. And so might the pillows. Who knows though! 

I did make a little feather banner that adds some colour to the room. 
Enter Dollarama and a bagful of feathers for $1. 
I don't have any pictures of me making this banner because it was hard enough sticking the needle through the spines of the feathers and keeping Gavin away from throwing the feathers all over the room, without me trying to snap a picture during all that too. 
This wasn't the easiest little DIY project that I have done lately. It was really difficult to get the needle through the spine of the feathers! (And I know that sounds really gross.) Before giving up on my idea of a feather banner though, I decided to tap each spine with a hammer to crack it a little before sticking the needle through. And it worked! 
So lesson learned. If you decide to make your own feather banner with a bagful of colourful feathers from the dollar store, tap the spines with a hammer and you will be able to thread your needle through them perfectly. 
I am loving the brightness that it adds to the room!


  1. Tapping the spines was indeed a good idea :)

    1. I thought so too when I finally thought of it! :)

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