Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doing Nothing Is Okay

I haven't really been up to any DIY in the last few weeks. I would love to say that I've been to the thrift store and found some great deals for some great projects. I even look at all the pretty pictures that other people have posted, it just hasn't happened.

I have tried spring cleaning for a few days but I'm pretty sure that cleaning with two toddlers while being 6 months pregnant is a recipe for disaster. While cleaning the other day, I had one kid crying, while the other one was trying to climb on my back and after 15 minutes, I was exhausted and gave up.  My house remains a disaster area.

I'm hoping once all the winter storm warnings have passed (yes, we're still getting snow here in Ontario), I'll have a bit more energy. Probably not though. I'm not holding my breath!

I have started on a few baby blankets for this new little mister:

Find the tutorial from here

We've also done a bit of nail painting around here:

At some point I'll get my DIY groove back. I'm looking forward to that day, in the meantime I'll try to tackle my house one room at a time and enjoy my time with having "just girls".

Tea parties anyone?


  1. Don't stress yourself out - it really is okay to do 'nothing,' except girl, you're not doing nothing!!! You've got 2 girls and are baking a boy and are expending lots of energy being a Mom and growing a new one. Take a much deserved break :)

    1. Thanks Amber! Growing a baby is a lot of work and I need to remind myself of that every so often :)


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