Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shelf Tweaking

Tweaking is a weird word don't you think? Tweaking...

...even if it's a funny word, that's what I did to the shelves in the boys' room this week.
You may remember that I had made a mobile for over the change table, but after it fell down on Gavin while Jesse was changing him, I moved it. Plus it scared a few of my nieces...I like the new home better anyways, which you will see soon. That's tweaking, my friends!
When the boys and I were at Michaels recently, I was browsing the cheap bins that they have lining the cash area and found the red letter 'G' - for $1.50! They didn't have a 'C' in the same style, so I kept looking and found a bin full of wooden stamps. And they had a "C", so I scooped it up! Also for $1.50.
The sweet bicycle print was also from Michaels for $3.00, but using my 50% off coupon, I got it for $1.50! Not too shabby.
I found the poem in the frame in Jesse's baby book that his mom had copied down and saved. It's a precious reminder that children are sweet miracles.

So the shelves are tweaked and we will be buying a crib mattress (finally) tonight. The room is slowly coming together! I have ideas for that white mirror, since it seems to just fade into the walls (that are actually a very light green, but look white in the pictures).

The boys have had shared their room for two naps so far. I just put the bassinet in the crib and Cameron and Gavin have slept perfectly. Hopefully that continues!

Do you find yourself 'tweaking' things in your home? Do you think 'tweaking' is a weird word too??

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