Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Lessons

I had a pretty good weekend. My hubby comes home every Thursday night and we get a long weekend together. It's not ideal, but it's where our lives are at right now. The girls are still young enough to think this is normal and have learned to accept it for the most part. We still have a few temper tantrums on Monday mornings, but for the most part they are pretty amazing little ladies!

On Friday, we got to head out for a much needed, kidless date. We were celebrating my husband finishing a pretty important part of his schooling/work and decided to head to Toronto for the day. We got to spend the whole afternoon together and have good conversation, free of interruptions. On Saturday, we were about to head out and get groceries when we realized our basement had flooded... again.

So here are a few things that I learned over the weekend:

1) Life is going to throw you a lot of curve balls - sometimes it's ok to cry.
Saturday morning was not good when we realized what had happened. But as we started cleaning up the mess, we found out it wasn't as bad as it looked. We only lost a few things and thankfully nothing major. I felt extremely bad for my husband since all the baseboard trim was ruined and had to be taken off. He had made all that trim himself and I know he was upset at the waste. But when you consider how bad it could've been, it definitely was only a 4 out of 10.

2) Going out on dates are extremely important for your relationship. My husband and I try to go out by ourselves every other weekend. That may seem to be a bit much but for us, it's exactly what we need. Even going out once a month to reconnect helps a lot!

3) Even when the house is a mess and you need to be reorganizing everything or doing the dishes or laundry or any of those never ending chores, it's more fun to spend time with your kids. Sometimes I will just listen to the conversations that my girls have. I try to remember them to write them down but I can't always remember.

Going through the fishing gear together

4) Make yummy meals. You'll feel so much better if you make at least one special meal a week. Last week I made these crockpot cabbage rolls. They didn't take much extra time, just a little bit of planning. They were so delicious!
Or go out for a meal too :)

5) It's ok to take five or ten minutes and drink your coffee hot and go on Pinterest. I find it helps me relax a little before the busyness of my day starts.

So I know it's not anything special, but those were my things I needed reminders of this weekend. This week will be full of organizing and cleaning. I also have work thrown in there which is a bit unnerving  since my office is in the basement chaos, but I'm sure it won't be so bad. It'll all work out!


  1. It's crazy how much time can be spent on little things. It's amazing how those little moments make the best memories though! Glad to see that you are having fun among the curve-balls!

  2. love the tips and reminders for reconnecting and taking care of yourself - so important!!! I got a good night's sleep last night and was feeling so recharged. Thanks for the reminder to schedule a date night, too ;)


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