Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Blanket Groove

This week I've been back into my crocheting groove. If there is such a thing. I have a few presents for friends that I've been trying to whip up.

I started working on this blanket on Monday night and I'm about halfway done. Since I couldn't decide on just one colour that I loved, I decided to use three different kinds of purple yarn with a white band joining them all. Since the blanket is for a little girl, I made the blanket with a lace pattern.

Girly, yet warm enough to cuddle up with! I'll pair it with a few other things and be all set to go. The only problem I'm having is whether or not I should add a white trim around the whole blanket.

White trim or no? I can never decide those things...
If you're wanting a pattern, just let me know :)

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