Friday, January 18, 2013

Disaster Room aka Craft Room

I know I have talked about my craft room before when I showed you the $10 dresser that I painted and filled with craft supplies. I haven't had a lot of time to do much crafting, unless it can be done in 15 minutes or less. Anything else, like scrapbooking for example, which takes me about 3 hours to do one page (wish I was joking), hasn't seen the light of day since the beginning of September. 

I have been pulling out my supplies and setting up on the dining room table, with great intentions of scrapbooking, and then those are the moments when Gavin needs my attention to play hockey right.that.very.second. and the supplies get packed back up and into the craft room they go. And not in a nice organized manner. 

No longer. 

This room needs to go from this, 
to something where my creative juices can actually flow and get these memories scrapbooked! With no pressure of cleaning up even if a page isn't completed. Where the door can be closed and there be no worry of a little someone swiping everything on the floor. 

I have actually started working on getting this space more functional, organized and pretty, but I thought I would compile a few of my favourite inspirational craft room pictures so that you can catch the vision. 
1). via  2). via  3). via
4). via  5). via  6). via

Does anybody else have a space in their house that is a catch all for anything and everything that doesn't have a proper place? In case you couldn't see from the pictures above, that's kinda what we use that room for...


  1. Good luck with your project - I'm sure it'll be great as everything you do is! We don't have any extra space for crafting etc. If we had an extra room, I'd make it a playroom!!

    1. That's a great idea actually....why didn't I think of that!? :P Jesse wants to finish the basement (someday) so then we'll have a playroom down there. So for now all the toys are still in that play nook area of our living room.


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