Monday, January 7, 2013

House Ideas I'm Loving

January always makes me want to look at pictures on Pinterest and get some new ideas for my house.

I'm not sure why this hits me every January, but by spring I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish in my house.

Here are some of my favourite things I've pinned lately: (remember to pin from the original source!)

                                                                                 Source: via Melody on Pinterest

I love the colours they've used in this sunroom. The orange and the pale blue go so well together. They've used four smaller carpets instead of one larger one. I think those side tables they have there are the LACK side tables from Ikea. Genius!

                                                                           Source: via Melody on Pinterest

I think this pin is really crazy. This is a lot like what my house looks like. If we were planning on staying here, I would definitely change it to the "after". It's gorgeous!

Source: via Melody on Pinterest

I'm considering doing something like this in our eating area. You could make the bench a little longer and have some secret storage under there for appliances and kitchen things you don't use too often. Genius!

Source: via Melody on Pinterest

This is more of a wish list for my next house. I definitely dream of a whole area of the kitchen designated to making coffee and tea. Kind of like in my sister's house. I'm also drooling a little bit over that tile. It makes it look so beautiful!

Which one of those pictures are your favourite?
What pictures have been inspiring you lately? Send us a link! We'd love to see it :) 

Update on my "wheat-free, sugar-free" month. Yes, I have cheated. I had some garlic bread for supper last night. Since it was at a birthday party, I don't think that's too bad, right??

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