Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Thrifty Hamper

I have started to do a little decorating/moving things around in Gavin and the baby's room this week. I know that I gave you some ideas a while ago for shared bedrooms and I'm finally getting around to implementing some of those ideas. 

I appreciated those who gave advice on transitioning Gavin into a "big boy bed" before the baby is born. This past weekend, Jesse got started building Gavin a toddler sized bed that is close to the ground. I can't wait to show you pictures once it's all complete! 

One thing I will show you today is a very simple project that I did to a hamper that I bought for Gavin's room a while back from a thrift store. 
It started out plain and that's the way it has been for a year and a half. 

Nesting instincts kicked in though and I decided to jazz it up a little. A little glue and some scrapbooking paper, I was at phase one. 

I found some blue paint and gave it a coat around the edges and top to finish it off. 

This thrifty hamper went from drab to something a little friendlier on the eyes. 

On Friday, I plan on showing you a few more things that I've been doing to the children's bedroom. Slow and steady wins the race! 

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