Friday, January 4, 2013

{DIY} Bulletin Board...For Cheap!

I have always loved the look of a nicely framed bulletin board. Every time I saw one in a store, I would pick it up...contemplate buying it...turn it over to look at the price...and put it right back on the shelf. I seriously could not justify spending $30+ for a bulletin board. 

Then I found this little $3 beauty in the thrift store: 
  (I had already taken the picture out of the frame)

First I thought I would use it for a chalkboard. Then because I made this chalkboard out of our old bathroom mirror, I changed my mind to a bulletin board. The only problem was to find a big enough piece of cork material for the frame. 

I searched around in a couple of stores (too expensive and not big enough) and then my dear husband said they had tons of extra lying around in the warehouse from old flooring jobs. 
After spray painting the frame antique white, I rolled out the cork and measured it to the frame. I used heavy duty tape and a staple gun so it would lie flat on the back of the frame. 
Not too shabby for $3! 
Now it's the perfect spot to pin up Scripture, words of encouragement and any other reminders that we might need.
Happy weekend! 


  1. Love the bulletin board Heidi! We have been talking about getting one....perfect timing! Any ideas on how to hang it without putting holes in our beatiful new cabinetry? We would like it in our kitchen but there really isn't any wall space.

    1. I would try the command hooks that don't leave any marks. Maybe on the side of a pantry?

  2. There is a perfect spot for it on the panel that surrounds the fridge. I will look into command hooks.....thank you! :-)


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