Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas "Glimpse"

I chose to leave quite a few of my Christmas decorations in boxes this year. Both of my girls are at a stage where they love to touch and break everything. For my sanity and emotions, I decided not to go all out with my decorations!

I did put a few things out though, so here are a few of my Christmas decorations:

The wreath on our front door. It's simple and doesn't have any extra frills on it. Perfect for us!

My mom had us paint ceramic houses when we were kids. This is the one I got and I love it because it's a book store!

My girls love to pick these up and play with them. Thank goodness they're plastic!

Some votive holders I picked up a few years ago. 
A bowl full of ornaments and pinecones. So simple to do, yet it can make such a big impact!

One of my favourite ornaments on our Christmas tree. 2007, the year we got married :)

The tree is filled with quite a few of these ornaments that have mirrors in the back of them. They all look so pretty when the lights are on!

 So even though it isn't fancy, I love my house this year. Even though, I can't put out some of my favourite decorations, it's for a good reason! God has blessed me with two extremely curious little girls and someday when they're out of the house, I'll definitely miss this!

This afternoon I'm taking pictures of Heidi's house for her Christmas tour tomorrow. They will be gorgeous. She always does such a fantastic job!

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