Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A {Family} Christmas Tree

Melody showed you her Christmas tree on Monday, so I thought I would let you have a peek at our tree before the Christmas tour on Friday. (Lots of cleaning to do before then!) 
Usually we cut down a tree from a local Christmas tree farm, but with our crazy schedules and figuring that if we went that route, we wouldn't have a tree till the end of December, we decided to go with an already cut Balsam snow-tipped fir.
We spent that evening putting the tree in its stand and putting the lights on it and then there it stood, ornament-less for the rest of the week. Sad, I know. 

One night after Gavin was in bed, I grabbed the ornaments and Jesse and I put them on the tree. I always love pulling out the ornaments each year and being 'surprised' about the ones that we have. 
Our tree is what I like to call our 'family tree' because it isn't perfectly matched and as you can see, there is a nice little gap in the back. 
However, there are memories attached to each ornament and they make me smile when I sit on our couch and look up to the tree. 
Gavin has been really good so far and he hasn't touched the tree or the ornaments once. He just points and say "oooo". Hopefully that lasts. I piled some of his Christmas books in a wire basket and placed it under the tree so that we have easy access to the stories throughout the month...over and over again.

If you are the curious or nosy type, :) you can see what our tree looked like last year here.

I'm linking up with Megan at Honey We're Home. You can have fun looking at lots of other beautiful Christmas trees, so head on over! 

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