Friday, December 14, 2012

{2012} Christmas Tour

Welcome to my second Christmas home tour! Why don't you pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and get comfy, because there are a lot of pictures!
I've decorated a little differently this year and yes, I have rearranged the furniture again. What can I say!? I love change?
The front door still hasn't been repainted like I had wanted to do over the summer. Oh well. There is always next summer! Our wreath is something I made last year.
This little guy greets our guests as they come in the front door. He doesn't always stay there though. I do have a busy 18-month old after all. 
When you come into the living room, you can see that I moved a little furniture around. The smaller couch is more on an angle, which is great for conversation and whoever is sitting on the couch can still watch the Christmas specials on TV. 
I don't have the fireplace turned on, because this was actually a very warm day! Hopefully we'll see the snow sometime soon and have a white Christmas? 

I love our mantle this year with the chalkboard that I made out of our old generic bathroom mirror. 
Mini trees and houses in fake snow are so cute and are safe from little hands.
Over to one of our bookcases, I love how the wood creates a perfect rustic Christmas background for shiny red ornaments in "snow", a snowflake ornament framed in front of an old book page and our acrylic "H".
On the other side of the living room is our Christmas tree
We moved the bookcase that was here to the dining room to give lots of room for the tree. I love having the tree in the living room and being able to snuggle on the couch while looking at the lights and ornaments. 

Speaking of the dining room...
You can see our advent calendar in the left corner and Gavin's new nativity set on the bookcase on the right. He has been loving it! It has been well played with (meaning thrown around) and still looks perfect.
Every year I pull out this little vintage angel that plays "Silent Night", given to me by my great-grandmother. I love it.
Here's a look from the dining room into the living room. 
Are you still with me? You haven't fallen asleep on the couch yet have you? I just have one more place to show you!
The kitchen! 

I found an old shelf downstairs and hung it up (more like hammered it into place. It's not going anywhere) and wrapped some garland around it. I then hung up some snowflake ornaments and placed my old "POP" bottles on top with a few ornaments. 

If you were actually visiting, I could offer you some tea and one of our funny looking sugar cookies that Gavin and I made and decorated together. They look crazy with the sugar on top, but they taste great! (You can find the recipe here.)
Well that is the tour! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look into our little Christmas decorated living space.

If you missed last year's tour, never fear. Click on over here! (I'm a poet)

Merry Christmas! 


  1. Looks great Heidi! Thanks for letting us in!

  2. Looks great. I especially like the square wreath on the door and the chalkboard with wreath.

  3. Your decorations are beautiful! I love all of the little touches, like the ornaments in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sweet decorations! Everything really feels homemade and meaningful. Nice job : ]

  5. Thank you Jennifer! I love making things meaningful :)

  6. Happy Holidays. Visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop! Please stop by my blog & follow back if you haven't already. :)


  7. Hi! I'm a first time blog visitor {via the Holiday Home Tour at The Inspired Room} and I love your Christmas decor! My favorite piece? The simple little red ornament, dropped in a vase of "snow." So simple, and so perfect! I pinned it to my Christmas folder. ♥


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