Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Ideas} A Shared Bedroom

When we first found out I was expecting again, one of my first thoughts was, "How are we going to fit two kids into Gavin's tiny bedroom?"
This is pretty much the size of the bedroom. Two angles. Tiny. 

Once the baby is born, it will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first little while in a bassinet that has been passed down through my family from baby to baby. Everyone from my dad to Faith's newest daughter has slept in this bassinet. 

When that no longer works, the plan as it stands right now, is to look for a small toddler sized bed (a classic style; nothing themed and plastic) for Gavin and the baby can then have the crib. The rocking chair will have to go and things will have to be moved around like a jigsaw puzzle, but I think it will work. The only thing I'm nervous about is moving Gavin too quickly into a toddler bed, but we will reach that hill when we get to it. 

I've been doing some 'research' on Pinterest for decorating ideas for shared bedrooms. Since we don't know what gender this baby is, I'm not going to do anything to the room until after he/she is born. But it's always fun to plan and dream! 
Here are some ideas that I've been loving: 
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via Houzz
If the baby is a boy, I love this theme with the outdoors and rustic feel: 
If the baby is a girl, I wouldn't mind to throw some coral on her side of the room: 
 These next bedrooms have several different elements that I am loving: 
1. Memories on a chicken wire frame, via Life Made Lovely
2. Pallet feature wall behind the change table, via Owen's Olivia
3. Whimsical wall art, via Little Lovelies 
4. A great place to play and sleep, via Elle Decor 
5. Vintage barn and toys, via The Boo and the Boy

So although my nesting instincts are not able to decorate a new nursery for this new little one right now, I can still gather ideas and dream of a place where our two children can sleep, play, and grow.

If you have more than one child, I want to know if your children share a bedroom? How do you tackle the design/functionality of the space? 


  1. Love the ideas! I totally would do the neutral background and then add special colours and accents accordingly depending on the sex of the new baby.

    As for the bed, my friend made her own toddler bed! There are all kinds of tutorials online she said and it was super easy. And in your family if you couldn't do it I have no doubt Jesse could! Sometimes making it yourself isnt always cheaper, but sometimes it really is and you can decide a little more of the look of it.

    As for transitioning Gavin into a toddler bed, I have had a couple of friends do it. One friend had her little girl in her "big girl bed" by 17 months! For all of them, they have had the bed in the room for awhile so the toddler gets used to it, climbs on it, plays on it, etc. It tends to spike and interest in it and you can gradually transition! The good thing for you tiny room is you wont have to remove a lot of stuff out of the room to distract Gavin and make him want to get out of bed for!

    1. I have seen some of those tutorials! I think I have my eye on one made by Ana White, but we'll see! And I love that idea of how to transition Gavin into a big boy bed with having it in the room for Gavin to play on, etc.

  2. We squeezed two kids into a tiny room as thing that worked for us was to stick a dresser in the closet. Because the kids are so short, their hung-up clothes don't come down far -- plenty of room for a dresser in there. You could even remove the door and just have an alcove. I also moved our rocker into the living room since I didn't want to be rocking a crying baby in the same room where another kid might be trying to sleep.

    1. We have actually done that...sorta. We stuck a bookcase in the closet for bins of clothes, since sometimes it's easier to throw the item of clothing in the bin instead of folding it nicely. It might be time to start looking for a dresser though with the double of clothes!

  3. Cole was in a big boy bed at 18 months as we made room for Caleb. He was very excited about the change. Mind you, he has fallen off it 19378474 times from jumping on it. They share a room now, but, sadly, Caleb still wakes up through the night and it wakes Cole up. Everytime! So for right now, Cole sleeps in our room, and Caleb has his own room. All their toys, clothes, books, etc are in one room though as well as a crib, toddler bed, book shelf, change table, two toy boxes. Its cramped, and it gets messy twice as fast, but it works for now.

    1. Impressive! That's one of the hard things with having two children in the same room - one could be a really light sleeper. After sharing a bedroom with all of my sisters, I just learned how to sleep through everything! Hopefully the same will happen with your boys :)

  4. The navy and pink...I painted my kitchen that navy (BM Hale Navy). It is dark as night, but awesome to the nth. I want to paint my toddler's room that colour and do white and rustic in it. If I ever have the energy after the kitchen reno (killed me!). But I must vote on the navy for you because you can make it unisex easily and that pink looks aMAZing with it. I actually chose pink as my accent so I can tell you, it's an awesome combo. Go dark, join the dark side of decor!! ;)

    1. I do love the navy and pink combo. I just don't know if I'm ready to paint a FULL room dark navy! All the walls in our home are light and bright. Who knows though - maybe a chalkboard wall in the room would be a fun way to gradually go over to the dark side! P

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