Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Time is Coming {Soon}

I am sorry if the title makes your heart race faster with panic. I don't really mean December 25th is coming soon (although it is coming next month); I mean the Christmas season is coming soon and we want to help you replace that panic with relaxation and maybe a new found love for Christmas. 
Old school Christmas! Back when there was only two kids. Or maybe Melody was born, but she wasn't in the picture. Classic. :)
We grew up loving Christmas. Our parents did an awesome job in making Christmas more than just presents and getting things. There were a few parties here and there, but they weren't stressful, make sure everything is perfect like a magazine parties. They were the type of party when a bunch of families got together, brought snacks, played games and spent time together.
Yearly Christmas tree picking at the local tree farm. This particular year my brother and his wife couldn't be there so I think that's why there are two cut out heads floating around so they could still "be in" the picture.
We three girls were talking (yes, Faith is going to join us in blogging!) and we wanted to bring you a bunch of different ideas for homemade gifts, delicious treats, and crafts to do with your children for Christmas. We wanted to start in November so that once December hit, you already had a freezer with a few cookies in it that you could thaw when company comes and some homemade gifts already wrapped under the tree. 

Christmas shouldn't be about panic and making sure everything is perfect. After all, nothing in life is perfect, right? Christmas should be, above all things, focusing on the birth of Jesus. Then it can be about spending time with family and friends. Watching your favourite Christmas movie, snuggled up on the couch with hot chocolate or apple cider. Going for a drive or taking a walk around the neighbourhood looking at all the Christmas lights. Setting up or picking out and decorating your Christmas tree. Making those memories. Not going into debt for "the perfect Christmas". 

So without further ado, our new series: 
Each week leading up to December, we will focus on something to do with Christmas. Make sure that you head back here on Monday as Melody kicks off the series with a great homemade gift idea for children (and it's not made from macaroni as some classic homemade gifts are).

Once again, this isn't to stress you out or give you one more thing to do. In fact, we have a button if you want to put it on your blog that includes the words "with no stress". A no stress Christmas. Sounds nice doesn't it?

It’s Our Pinteresting Life

Happy weekend and see you on Monday! 

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