Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Real Life

I would love to show you pictures of our finished bathroom; sparkling tile and freshly painted walls. But I can't. Because it's not done yet. 

Real life reno problems hit when Jesse and my brother started ripping out the shower and found mold everywhere. 
 (sorry for the really bad quality)

We can't say that we were surprised with the mold, because we knew that it was there. It just took longer than expected to tear everything down, clean, and start repairing everything again. 

The floor also needed a lot of help, because after the tile was ripped up, they found a small patch of mold underneath a section of the tile. Jesse had to deal with that and then lay down new subfloor to get things back up to par.

He kept trucking along though and by Sunday evening, Jesse had the floor tiled and grouted and the shower prepped for tile.
 (Tiled, but not grouted yet)

We could see the vision! Slowly. 

Monday was the holiday, so Jesse worked on the wall that held the toilet and sink so that we could at least use that part of the bathroom. 
 He's speedy. 
Yay! A working toilet and sink! And one beautifully tiled wall.

The light fixture was also installed and I {LOVE} it! 
So as it stands today, our bathroom looks like this: 
As you can see, there are no showers or even baths being taken at our house right now...I may be knocking on one of my sisters' doors later on today with some soap and a towel. 

The shower isn't even grouted yet and I love it already. Jesse always tells clients that if you love it when it isn't grouted, you will love it ten times more when it is grouted. 

That is our real life reno. Slowly, but surely it's coming along!

How about you? Have you ever done a renovation where unwanted surprises kept popping up? The fun part of this reno is keeping Gavin out of the mess and tools that are lining the hallway upstairs...Yup. Fun. :) 

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