Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outdoor Reading Nook

Whenever autumn comes, I instinctively start thinking about bringing everything inside. I love to make my home cuddly and warm for the winter with blankets, books and hot drinks.

This year, I decided to make a tiny space outside to be with the girls enjoying every last bit of the warm weather that we could. Since we're pretty much cooped up for 7 months of the year, it's nice to be outside for as long as possible!

I gathered some things from around the house got to work.

The bench was in our storage shed along with some weather-proof cushions that I made a few years ago. I grabbed a pot of mums for some fun colour. Lastly, I grabbed an apple crate from the house and filled it with a few items that I consider essential when you're outside in the fall such as books, bubbles for the girls to play with, a few extra pillows and an afghan to cuddle up with when it gets a little warm.  I'll be bringing in everything at night so the crate is essential for easy gathering!

I'm determined that we'll use this area more than once until it gets cold!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have some pumpkin spice lattes and a few danishes out here??

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