Friday, September 7, 2012

As the Leaves Turn

While the patching putty dries on the walls upstairs in the bathroom, I thought I would turn our attention to my favourite season. I do love summer and I love spring and I like the first few weeks of winter when the snow is falling gently...but I really {love} fall. 
 {via joy ever after

I love the crispy air. I love that I can wear sweaters and jeans, but I don't have to wear a big bulky winter jacket. I love that I'm not sweating, but I'm not unbearably freezing when I step outside. 
 {pumpkin spice lattes via farmgirl gourmet}

I love picking pumpkins and bringing home a nice potted mum for my front porch. 

I love sipping hot apple cider, while watching my favourite fall movie, You've Got Mail (I don't know why I can only watch it in the fall)

And I love breaking out my scarves, riding boots and sweaters. 
 {via Polyvore}

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So yes, I love all the seasons, but I get really excited when fall comes around. Anyone with me? Let's say cheers to fall with pumpkin spice lattes!

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