Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grey Love

I finished putting on the last coat of urethane on the kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts today. It made me excited since I'll be able to put them back on the kitchen tomorrow afternoon. I'll have my kitchen back in order! And this time looking better! But it's made me start to think about how I want my kitchen decorated... and that got me thinking about how I want my kitchen/dining room/living room decorated. I will probably be switching around some of my decor in the next little while and purging what I really don't want or even like.

I've been looking at some different colour tones to repaint the whole massive area. Instead of a bright colour, I'm thinking greys with hints of kelly green in the accessories.

                                                                       Source: via Melody on Pinterest

Since most of my accessories are either white or green, I thought it would bring a nice balance to the darker cabinetry. Plus, a grey house is much easier to sell than a lime green one!

                                                                          Source: via Melody on Pinterest

What are your thoughts on grey? Love it or hate it? Do you have grey rooms in your house? I really want to know your opinions!

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  1. Go with what YOU love. That beign said, grey is pretty and definitely very popular right now. Are you planning on moving soon? If not, paint it whatever makes you happy. Paint is easy enough to change down the road. All the bedrooms in my house are blue because I love blue and it makes me smile and relax to be in them. I may have to repaint if we ever move but I'm okay with that!

    1. Originally I did go with what I loved.. which is the lime green colour that's on our walls now. It just brightened up the whole house. But three years later, I'm not so in love with it anymore. We're also planning on putting our house up for sale in the next few months and colour is very personal and not too many people love as colourful a house as I have! Your house sounds beautiful! Blues are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Our "pre-military" house was painted in a lovely "Silver Sage" which was relaxing and calming, it also made it easy to sell as we used it throughout the living room, dining room, and upper and lower hallways. Everyone complimented us on it. I think it was from the paint company that starts with a "B" - not Behr, the other one. I'd go with the paler shades of grey and maybe do two connecting walls with a shade no more then 2 shades darker. We had a pro come to the house and work up all the colours for each room and she did a fantastic job. We had to change the carpets to sell the house but everyone who saw it loved the colours of the walls. :)

  3. I looked up "Silver Sage" and it's a Benjamin Moore colour. I saw a few samples and I can see why everyone loved it so much! It's such a beautiful green/grey combo. I'll have to keep it in mind when we start seriously looking at our paint colours! Thanks for the hint!

  4. We just painted our dining room grey. I think it was a long-shot for my husband but I remember putting the grey primer on years ago before painting it red and saying "I could live with this color". . .so now, 6 years later, I'm trying to lighten it all up a bit. The pictures here aren't great (the lighting in that room is tough) but now we have a window in and I love, love, love our color choice. It was a darker shade then my "sample" on the wall but am glad my girlfriends and husband put in their opinions to go with the darker grey (wet cement). It blends in nicely with the green color in the room this leads in to. Grey is "in" right now so I say go for it!!!


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