Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Long-belated Post: Sara's Wedding!

I have been meaning to write a post about Sara's wedding, but never remember! Well never fear, because today it's here! 

Just two months later...Man time flies by! 

Sara and Aaron wanted their wedding to be simple, lovely, and have a relaxed, but elegant feel. They were married in our family church and then had the reception downstairs in the church basement. 
She had been 'pinning' away for a couple of months different ideas that she wanted to incorporate on their special day. Her idea board consisted of several vintage components, lace, mason jars, pendant banners, simple bouquets of flowers, chalkboards, photo booths, doilies and coral and grey. Even her dress was from an idea that she saw off of Pinterest.
Twinkle lights were strung from the ceiling with lanterns from IKEA and tissue balls in yellow, pink, green and blue hanging among them.
Faith's husband cut an old tree stump into thin smooth pieces for part of the centerpieces. Daisies in mason jars and candles finished up the simple, but beautiful centerpieces. 

A photo booth was made with colourful streamers and a pendant banner made out of scrapbook paper.
Sara had stick on mustaches and props that were printed off this website, laminated and then stuck on bamboo sticks. It was a fun way to get pictures of the afternoon! 
Faith was an amazing sister and made all the cupcakes for the reception from this recipe that she found awhile back. So. Good. 
It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun helping Sara and Aaron prepare and then celebrate their wedding day! 

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{Sara and Aaron's photography was done by Lumbers Photography and some of these pictures were from our Aunt Dorothy too.) 

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