Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Very Small Wedding

Welcome to Day 4 of our Wedding Week series. You've already gotten a few glimpses of Faith and Heidi's wedding and I thought I'd show you what mine looked like.

All of our weddings were extremely different in taste and style but all of them were complete DIY projects. For my wedding, I invited immediate family only. I'm sure I offended quite a few people but I loved it and it was exactly what my husband and I wanted! In total, there were only 30 people there. We had it on a Friday night at 7pm and it was held outside on the same pergola that my dad built for Heidi's wedding.

We had red roses for the flowers and did all the arrangements ourselves for the tables. My sisters helped me with my make-up and hair and I like to think that I looked pretty good! :) 

We had it catered by friends of the family and they did an excellent job with the whole meal. Since it started pouring rain right after the ceremony, we had our food inside and because it was such a small wedding, everyone fit perfectly! 

Thinking back, there were a few things I would have changed like getting more professional pictures, but the important parts I would keep exactly the same! 

As for our sister's wedding this weekend, we were busy all day today and will be busy tomorrow finishing the decorating and all the details that need to be done. Since I'm in charge of doing her make-up for the special day, I've been pinning some different tips and tricks for making perfect wedding make-up. Check out my pins on Pinterest for some good tricks!


  1. thank you for sharing your weddings this week! it''s been very uplifting...


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