Saturday, June 9, 2012

All the Little Details

Well, today is the last day of Wedding Week.
We are really glad that you joined us this week as we went down memory lane, reminiscing about our weddings, as we looked forward to our little sister's wedding (who is getting married this morning!).  

Yesterday I spent the day at church, chopping up vegetables, making veggie trays, and doing what else I could to help get the meal ready for today. There were family members everywhere in the church - both from my family and my sister's fiance's family - decorating, scrubbing potatoes, icing cupcakes, and just making sure all the last minute details were all ready. 

Seeing all the family members and close friends working together to make this day special for Sara and Aaron, got me thinking about what a blessing it was when family and friends worked together to make our day so special, six years ago. 

I showed you pictures on Wednesday about my wedding, but I want to show you some of the behind the scenes pictures.
 Melody making the beautiful centerpieces with wild flowers; my best friend from college who flew out to be my maid of honour and was simply amazing that week; my brothers, brother-in-laws, and close friend (and Jesse's best man) husking corn for the meal; and my brother making sure everyone had their bouquets (how thoughtful).
  My dad who made sure that the yard looked beautiful AND renovated the bathroom AND made sure the little details were getting done (he's a good deligator) AND worked on preparing the meal; my brother-in-laws who did a beautiful job on the music; the meal being eaten on the back deck (we did it buffet style). 

I don't even think I could tell you about all the people that helped make our wedding day run so smoothly and look so beautiful. All the DIY projects that my mom worked so hard preparing and setting up, the gorgeous cake that our family friend made for us, the chairs that were set up that morning, the dishes that were washed and brought back to church after the wedding...all those little details were done by family and friends. 
 Sometimes when I look at the weddings on "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" (I love that show), I think it is somewhat sad that they hire people to do this and to do that. Now, I understand that not every family gets along or is gifted in the area of throwing great parties, but I think one of the things that made our wedding day so great, was everybody who helped make it so great. 
{Jesse's family}

 {My family}
(Sara, the one who is getting married today, is the one on the left,
next to Jesse)

Today as we celebrate my little sister's marriage to her wonderful fiance (who we all love very much), we will enjoy the love that you can see so clearly between the two of them. 

Happy Wedding Day, Sara and Aaron! 

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  1. fun seeing all the details that made your day come together!!! You were a stunning bride -- hope your sister's day was equally as beautiful!


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