Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nothing Pretty

I don't have any nice looking pictures of our current backyard. Oh, I have pictures, but the nicest thing about the backyard is our new patio furniture. 

Jesse and I have been working outside for the last couple of evenings, weeding, laying down grass seed, transporting heavy rocks (that was Jesse, not moi) and getting our backyard to look...well, not like a great weedy, ugly mess. 

It's in the in-between awkward stage of looking a bit better with things being weeded, but ugly because we're waiting for the patchy grass to fill in. 
I thought I'd let you have a tour though. So this is the first look when you step out of the carport into the backyard: 
 That fence needs to be painted. Add that to the list too...
That's not graffiti...I didn't lay down enough cardboard during one of my spray painting expeditions. Whoops.
This area is one of the biggest, ugliest problems. The oil tank. If anyone has any good ideas how to hide it, I would welcome suggestions! 

So, now that you have had the tour, here is the list of what still needs to be done: 

Throw down black mulch in the garden areas
Get a few colourful plants for the area right by the house
Transplant some hostas to the area by the fence
Watch the grass grow...or hope it grows. 
Paint the fence

Gavin's first birthday is in two weeks and we are planning on having some family over to celebrate in the backyard. I'll be back to show you some progress hopefully before then! 



  1. you could just build a box around the oil tank with some old palettes? Or put lattice around it and some vine type plants...ones that would climb up and around the lattice?

    1. That's a really good idea! The climbing plants climbing up the lattice would be nice to hide that eye sore

  2. Oooh yes a lattice type box thing around the oil tank would hide it nicely! You have a nice backyard space - it'll get spruced up in no time.

    Happy almost Birthday, Gavin!!! Only 2 weeks away?!?!?

    1. I know! A week and half. A year!! How does it go by so quickly?


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