Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Happenings

Well the day has arrived! 

We're busy (well I'm busy. Gavin is having a nap) with running errands, getting some work done, making cupcakes for the adults and a baby friendly healthy cake for the little ones, tidying up my house and being thankful I'm not in labour like I was at this time last year! 

I'll be popping in later this week to give you the recipe for Gavin's first birthday cake (looks good and easy to make!) and pictures of the party. 

Oh, and if you missed it, Melody had the opportunity to be interviewed on blog talk radio this morning. We hear that they post the interviews to YouTube later, so hopefully we'll get that up sometime so you can hear the interview!    




  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Gavin! You are adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday to big boy Gavin!!! Looking forward to the cake recipe :)


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