Saturday, March 10, 2012

A peek into our bedroom

It's time for a little update in the bedroom department. I know I showed you some of my dream ideas and a little scrapbooking art, but I thought I'd give you a peak at our unfinished space. 

Before that though, here's a little flashback to our bedroom to what it looked like right after we moved in. 

Not bad. Not awesome. 

Here is how it looks today: 

(Don't let the sunshine fool you. It is back to freezing today. I don't know what's worse. Having it cold straight till it stays at the warm temperatures we love so very much, or having a little bursts of "here's a nice warm day, but it's going to be cold again tomorrow...with snow.")

I can't give you a name for this paint colour, because I mixed it myself. A gallon of our living room paint (Which I don't even know the name. If I find it, I'll let you know) with two gallons of white paint. All I know is that I really love it. 

 The bedding came from Jysk. It was $19.99, but we paid $0 because of a gift card. Our previous comforter just slips inside and then buttons up at the bottom so stays nice and snug. 

I moved two small bookshelves into our room to be our (hopefully) temporary beside tables. I tucked in baskets on the shelves to hold different things that were in the old side tables. 

(Yup. That's our dirty laundry.)

So that's what it looks so far. This is what still needs to be done (are you ready for it?): 

- Finish the lamps (they need a shiny coat of silver/metallic spray paint) 
- Make a headboard (I have seen lots of tutorials on different blogs and on Pinterest, and it doesn't look that difficult. Just need time. And money. And time.) 
- Hang bamboo blinds on the windows 
- Put handles on our dresser (we haven't had handles on them for a really long two years. It's about time they get handles)
- Fill in the holes on the mirror and give it another coat of spray paint
- Make a few throw pillows for the bed
- Find rugs for either side of our bed (I have the faux sheep skin rugs from IKEA in mind, but my husband isn't for that idea) 

 Phew. I might need a nap because of that list. 

Happy weekend! 


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  1. what a scandalous name for your post, haha - sorry, it's where my mind went.

    It's really coming along nicely - LOVE the paint color! And, thanks for sharing your dirty laundry because it helps the rest of us feel less bad about our own messes :)

    OH and in the before picture, I have those same black pillows - IKEA?


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