Thursday, March 8, 2012

{DIY} Picture Frame

One of my favourite blogs ever is Young House Love. Haven't heard of it? Go there! It's so awesome. But anyways, they have a post every couple of days that's entitled "Dude, get on that already!" and it's all about how they're trying to get projects done in their house that have just been sitting there for months. I'm sure we all can relate and it's not just me (hopefully?). So in the process of trying to get a few things done, I found this wooden picture frame in Sienna's room. Kind of a random spot for it, but that tends to happen around here.

I bought the frame back in December hoping to do something cute with it. And, it was only $1! So to make your own cute little picture frame, you'll need a wooden frame (you can get them at the dollar store), mod podge, a paint brush, a knife, and pretty scrapbook paper.

Trace your frame's shape onto the backside of the scrapbook paper and cut it out. Lay it on top of the frame to make sure everything lines up (you don't want wet glue and then the realization that you did it wrong!) Put a thin layer of glue on the frame and carefully place the scrapbook paper on top. Push all the bubbles out to the edges. If you do this now, it will look better. Once everything is set in place, using a knife, cut an opening where the picture is supposed to be. Trim it and glue it behind. (I'm sorry that doesn't make more sense, look at the picture and hopefully that will help)

Once you're happy with how everything looks, mod podge a thin layer over the scrapbook paper. That will help to keep it there and give it a nice shiny surface. Wait for it to dry and you're done!

The whole project took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. I probably should've done it a lot time ago instead of just letting it sit there on the floor (yes, it was on the floor!) but at least it's done now. Just in time for me to start decorating for spring!

Do you have any "Dude, get on that!" things around your house?

DIY under $5


  1. um - darling!! I have lots of "dude, get that done" things around the house and then we you get them done so quickly, you wonder why you put them off! My most recent was cleaning up/organizing our laundry room - I DREADED it and it took like 20 minutes!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I have a couple more things around the house that I'm sure won't take that long.. but I just really need to buck up and do! Like finishing my office...

  2. Yes, I have lots of "dude, get that done" projects. I need to get motivated!
    I love how your frame turned out. :) It's absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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